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Girraween Gallery & Blog

Incorporating Pleasant Pluckers Planet, the official organ of the WGW Pleasant Pluckers Wine Club

Girraween Gallery

We're in the heart of Queensland's Granite Belt with four national parks on our doorstep - Girraween, Bald Rock, Sundown and Boonoo Boonoo. 

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View from Mt Norman north towards the Pyramids, Girraween National Park 2006 
Girraween National Park, Queensland  (CLICK photo for larger images)
View looking north in Sundown National Park, Queensland
Views in Girraween and Sundown National Parks

South Bald Rock, Girraween National Park, approached from the north.

Photos taken on a trip to South Bald Rock in June 2018. One of the least accessible parts of Girraween National Park, it is also the most beautiful and well worth the 20 km trek there and back. In mid winter, while other parts of the Granite Belt were parched, crags and the cave system of the rock were verdant and lush.  Truly breathtaking. 

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Latest Newsletter, October 2018

Sunday Schmoozic, John's Travel Wine Blog

Latest Newsletter, August 2018

August 2018 newsletter.jpg
Sunday Schmoozic, August 2018. Puppy update

Newsletter, June 2018

Puppy update, Trophy at Cairns and Music afternoon July 8 ...don't miss it 

News & Events - June 3, 2018

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Music at Whiskey Gully next Sunday afternoon June 10. Also, puppy update

May 28, 2018 - Shirley's litter

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Born to Shirley on May 22, six beautiful puppies - three male, three female. Mother and kids doing just fine!
Clever girl.

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