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Galleries - Girraween 2

South Bald Rock is not accessible by marked tracks and is suitable for experienced, accompanied hikers.  

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Gallery - South Bald Rock, Girraween National Park

Girraween and Bald Rock National Parks straddle the Queensland NSW border.


They are really one and the same.


South Bald Rock may be accessed from either Bald Rock National Park or from Girraween at "The White Gate" (which isn't marked as such), on Mt Norman Road.


From Bald Rock the track follows the Qld/NSW border south from the main rock. Hikers need to stay on low ground to the east of Little Bald Rock to reach the South rocks.


The variety of the scenery is really wonderful, from wetlands on the approach from Mt Norman Road, to spectacular bare views on the rock itself and rain forest pockets in a cave system created, once upon a time, towards the southern end of the system by falling boulders. 

South Bald Rock, Girraween National Park, approached from the north.

Photos taken on a trip to South Bald Rock in June 2018. One of the least accessible parts of Girraween National Park, it is also the most beautiful and well worth the 20 km trek there and back. In mid-winter, while other parts of the Granite Belt were parched, crags and the cave system of the rock were verdant and lush. Truly breathtaking. 

Map of South Bald Rock Access from Bald

A rough outline of the two available walking routes to South Bald Rock. It is a day's journey there and back, by the time you climb and explore the rocks, so trekkers should go well prepared and with an escape plan.

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