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Galleries - Girraween & Sundown

Sundown National Park is accessible to Four Wheel Drive adventurers through Ballandean Station

Sundown Video

Gallery - Girraween & Sundown

View looking north in Sundown National Park, Queensland

Bald Rock, Girraween and Sundown are really siblings, the first two divided by a human border, the latter two by a national highway. Throughout, this country changes from gigantic granite rocks in the east (Bald Rock and Girraween) to trap rock and gorges in the west (Sundown). As the picture above shows, it's a massif of wild and beautiful mountains. 

It is nowhere near as forbidding as it looks. Apart from a few venomous snakes, there isn't much that can harm people. Getting lost and/or suffering a fall or hypothermia are probably the major risks. Mostly, it is one big bouldery garden. 

For those who want an hour's leisurely stroll in Girraween there are flowers, rock pools and native wildlife. For those who venture into Sundown, well away from the conveniences of communications and grid power, there is Red Rock Canyon, as well as beautiful water holes and fishing spots. 

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Views in Girraween and Sundown National Parks

We had an amazing trip into Sundown a couple of years ago. Such fun, though we nearly didn't make it home! We feature the brilliant music on this video of Canadian Blues writer/performer, Harry Manx. He comes out to Oz whenever he can. Don't miss him when next he comes.

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