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The Pleasant Pluckers Wine Club

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Special Events

Join the annual Harvest Dinner - come and help us harvest  

Club Member Discounts

Save At Least 10% With Every Wine Purchase

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Receive our twice yearly tasting 6 packs

Purchase Wines At Member Rates

Members are entitled to a minimum of 10% discount for every wine purchase. Please email us to place your order. Note the minimum quantity that may be purchased for freight orders is six bottles 

The Club

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The Pleasant Pluckers Wine Club is indeed a special group of people.  Not only do they act as though they own the place, some of them actually helped plant the vineyard!

We are a boutique winery and ours is a boutique club with restricted membership. We produce a limited amount of wine each year. We hope you enjoy a very pleasant and lasting relationship with us. 

Joining the Pleasant Pluckers gives you an opportunity to enjoy our range at the best possible prices.

Tasting packages are significantly discounted and include Whiskey Gully Wines’ most popular and awarded products delivered to your door. Occasionally, we even include older wines and museum wines no longer on sale. 

You will receive personal invitations to Pleasant Pluckers events such as open days, dinners, musical events and exclusive Club offers. We also offer deliveries and tastings to members for their personal parties and functions. 

Harvest is a highlight of the year and members are invited to help us hand pick the crop, which is how the Pleasant Pluckers concept originated.

You are also invited to our annual Vintage Dinner, which is great fun and amazing value. 

Membership provides real value

Members receive:

  • Two packs of six bottles annually (March and November), including our most awarded and popular wines

  • For members in southern and south east Queensland freight is free

  • Deliveries and wine tastings for your parties or functions

  • At least 10% discount on additional wine purchases

  • Occasional members newsletters 

  • Priority on special offers and events

Membership is free. The cost of tasting packs is $120. By joining, you agree to receive a minimum of two Tasting Six-Packs. You may opt out any time after that.


Join The Pleasant Pluckers Wine Club.  Email or call Denice or John on 07 4683 5100. Text message 0406 870 453

Purchase Wines At Members' Rates

Members are entitled to at least 10% discount for each wine purchase. Please email us to place your order. 

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