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Galleries - Girraween,  Mallee Ridge

Mallee Ridge offers an unmarked walk in Girraween National Park accessible from Mt Norman Road and the Mt Norman Day-use Area.  

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Gallery - Mallee Ridge, Girraween National Park

Photos taken on a trip to Mallee Ridge in April, 2020. It's a truly sensational place, as the photos show. The video below was taken that day. 

Mallee Ridge is a supporting ridge leading to Mt Norman, the highest mountain in Girraween National Park.

There's no path to it and, indeed, blink and you'll miss it. 

However, it's absolutely one of the best places in the park and well worth the off-track effort to get there, if you are an experienced bush walker. 

From the Mt Norman Day-use  Area, you head up the Mt Norman track. After a hundred metres or so, you will see Mallee Ridge through the forest on your left. 

You will need to bush bash to get there and then you'll need to find a way onto the rock.  After that, the climbing is pretty much a breeze.

Brilliant caves and views await you. 

When we walked it, we headed up and along the ridge towards Mt Norman, exploring as we went, then picked our way down through the rocks to intersect with the main track from the day area to Mt Norman. That track is marked with white paint lines every ten metres on the rocks.

The round trip is maybe eight kilometres and it isn't taxing because there are so many gob-smacking sights to see. 

If you don't know the area, you'd be wise to travel with someone who does or at least have a GPS app. for assistance.

Travel with John, Steve and Dave to the Mallee Ridge in Girraween National Park, in Queensland's premier wine region. It's pretty easy to see why the region is called The Granite Belt... stunning boulder landscapes, climbing, caving and just awesome views. Come and visit soon. You'll be more than welcome at Whiskey Gully Wines.

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