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News from The Gully, April 2018

PLUCKERS' PLANET Wine - how classy people get wasted

In Edition 4 ...

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What we've been up to

We've just got our 2010 Bright Eyes Sparkling Colombard back from Petersen House where we sent it to be disgorged, dosed and the bottles fitted with corks, muselets, hoods and labels.

Bright Eyes was long in the making… a bold experiment, in fact, on its lees in the bottle for years. As Rod MacPherson, our winemaker, observed: “Very French”. We think it’s lovely and age suits it.

Two of the other wines in our latest Pleasant Pluckers Wine Club Autumn Six Pack are also new releases. To balance this we decided to feature a couple of Shiraz - the Piazza Red and our most recent Division Bell.

The first is simple and a typically European style light red, while the other is elegant, medium-bodied and oak matured.

Bright Eyes was born again on April 9 and we've been savouring it ever since. Now, we are pleased to say, you can share the experience. Please enjoy.

The two make an excellent and interesting contrast. The Piazza always reminds me of the house reds served at many restaurants in Italy and France.

Both wines are in short supply. They remain on our current list but if you wish to purchase some, get in quick.

Finally, we have included a museum wine. A few dozen of our 2000 Rep Red were among the surplus museum wines we discovered in last year’s stocktake. Robert Channon and I opened a bottle the other night and imbibed its soothing richness and velvet finish. Rest this wine upright for 12 hours and decant four hours before serving.

What's in the Pluckers' Autumn Six Pack

Bright Eyes Sparkling Colombard

Crisp and refreshing with a mature, yeasty nose, citrus and apple palate and a wonderful fine bead resulting from prolonged maturation on lees. Welcome to the world, Bright Eyes. Blush Black Muscat Refreshing and soft with rose water fragrance and the distinctive spicy flavour of the black muscat fruit. It is lightly fortified - our first fortified wine, in fact. 2015 Pangloss Colombard Chardonnay Elegant, intense and golden, this late harvest wine has honey, apple and apricot aromas and a luscious nutty palate with lingering butterscotch and citrus finish.

Dr Pangloss was the hero’s ever optimistic tutor in Voltaire’s novel Candide.

Optimism was required in the making of our Pangloss.

Voltaire (by Nicholas de Largillière)

2013 Piazza Red A fresh, light Shiraz with lifted spice on the nose and a hint of cut flowers. Sweet fruit balances soft, spicy tannins and the finish is crisp. 2014 Division Bell Shiraz Aromas of raspberry, perfumed oak and hints of leather. It is well balanced through the palate with good length and subtle earthy and savoury tannins on the back palate. 2000 Rep Red Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz Aromatic medium-bodied dry red with intense blackberry and spice characters against a backdrop of vanillan American oak.

We hope our club members enjoy the autumn six pack. Chill the sparkler and whites, let the younger reds breathe a little, be methodical and gentle with the 2000 Rep Red and don’t drink ’em all at once. If you are wondering about the value of your pack, a 2000 red we donated a couple of years ago fetched $200 at auction. The retail value of the other five totals $130.


John & Denice

Join the Club

The six pack referred to above is one of two our members receive each year. Each pack costs just $120 and we ensure they always represent good value. Club members get excellent discounts on wine purchases, plus special access and prices to events that we hold. If you would like to join then please click this link denice@whiskeygullywines.com.au to email Denice Arlidge and she will sign you up. There's no charge to join. All you have to do is agree to receive two of our tasting packs in the first year. You also need to be over 18 (so don't even think about it, Nigel!).

What's On

Harvest Dinner - April 28 and Open Day April 29

Our annual harvest dinner for our Pleasant Pluckers Wine Club family is on soon, so book now.

It should be wonderful. The four courses will match lovely wines, old and new. We’ve chosen a simple but tasty menu. If there’s room we’ll use a single table so we can get to know one another better.

Menu: Gravadlax of Salmon with mustard and dill sauce

Vine-ripened tomato soup with parmesan crisps and homemade ciabatta bread

Grain-fed rump of beef with wine demi-glace sauce, Yorkshire pud and veges

Normandy Tart and crème fraîche

The chardonnay harvest breakfast - a plethora of pluckers

Give Denice a call (07 4683 5100) or email denice@whiskeygullywines.com.au if you would like to come.

7 pm April 28. $95 for Club members; $120 for non-members. Food and wine included.

Sunday is Open Day for Pluckers. We’ll show you around the vineyard, farm, kitchen and the cottages (from 10am).

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